Geodigest. 2/2017


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OSMCHA is a tool to help identify OpenStreetMap changesets with a big number of changes or with suspect words.

NextGIS Mobile 2.5.

Boundless Desktop: bundle of supported GIS software for working with spatial data.

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.3 Developer Edition is available.

ESRI replacing the Atlas Application.

Tile Package Kreator is a desktop utility  to help you create Tile Package files.



OD (origins-destinations) flow maps using virtual layers in QGIS.

Create reasonably realistic sunrise-inspired topography with a DEM.



NASA’s channel on

Stamen Design’s works in 2016.

Making Mars look like as it was before it was a red desert for the interactive narrative Rewind the Red Planet.

GeoAmbassador of the month – Dr. Daria Svidzinska.

Verified OpenStreetMap contributor profiles on HDYC?

An article on redesigning the Paris metro map.

And a post about subway navigation in Kyiv metro.

How cartographers can make use of GitHub.

The sea freezes in winter: Ukraine and the shores of the Black Sea. Photo by Thomas Pesquet.

World’s largest signature (also on Google maps).

Improving Geofabrik OSM extracts.

Space making/space shaping: a talk about map making by Ulf Treger.

About ArcGIS for environment and natural resources.

Research in Urbanism Series, volume on Geo-Design: geo-information technology, urban planning and landscape architecture.



Green Canopy in cities around the world, you can even see each tree in street view.

Maps showing how Americans describe themselves on their dating profiles.

CityScale is an Ukrainian information portal that provides easy access to various  data on conditions of life.

Most valuable roadless areas left on Earth.

Gulag online museum.

MapAnt – a gigantic orienteering map of Finland.