Ukrainian GIS market: Michael Puzrakov, Intellias co-founder and COO, talks about the company’s history

Intellias is one of the few employers in Ukraine that offer positions in the area of geospatial technologies. The company is…

Andrey Golovin and his path to becoming a “Legendary Mapper”
Tips for getting started with drones
A story of one soil map. Modern soil mapping in Ukraine
How to pick the best supervised classification method?
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Clark-Evans test in R
01/11/2018 | 0 | 186

Clark-Evans index allows you to define the way points are distributed in space – by chance, evenly or by…

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Review: UAV image processing software
08/10/2018 | 0 | 1517

Unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming more and more available together with drone acquired imagery/data, this contributes a lot to…

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Geodigest. 09/2018
01/10/2018 | 0 | 346

Periodic collection of news and interesting facts from the world of Geo.

31st of October –

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Automatic change detection in multitemporal remote sensing images using mathematical operations
27/09/2018 | 0 | 518

One of the main tasks of Earth observation is the monitoring of objects and phenomena on its…

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Top-3 talks at Navimotive Conference 2018
18/09/2018 | 0 | 570

“Hey, Daryl, coal mining and truck driving are not exactly jobs of the future…”

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Incremental spatial autocorrelation in ArcGIS
13/09/2018 | 2 | 352

When setting the procedure for calculating many criteria for spatial statistics, you must specify the distance threshold….

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Planet Explorer
06/09/2018 | 0 | 271

Planet Explorer is a web browser interface used to search and view imagery from…

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Invitation to Navimotive Conference
03/09/2018 | 0 | 212

In about two weeks, Navimotive Conference, the first event in Eastern Europe…

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How are objects’ quantitative characteristics spatially distributed? Finding an answer with Global Moran’s I
30/08/2018 | 0 | 290

In a previous post on the topic of spatial statistics, we have shown how to define the…

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Mapillary’s Complete The Map Competition
21/08/2018 | 0 | 352

When we want to take a look at new place but we have no opportunity to visit it –…