Review: UAV image processing software

Unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming more and more available together with drone acquired imagery/data, this contributes a lot to the development of automated…

Supervised classification help: ROI separability
Incremental spatial autocorrelation in ArcGIS
Tips for getting started with drones
How to pick the best supervised classification method?
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Ukrainian legislation regulating the use of UAVs reviewed
17/05/2020 | 0 | 5245

It has been more than three years since we last reviewed Ukrainian legislation regulating the use of…

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Data Use in Decision Making Workshop, or how to turn biodiversity data into political decisions
25/12/2019 | 0 | 2557

In early December, I had the opportunity to participate as a mentor in a three-day workshop called…

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HERE Summer School 2019 Poznan
07/11/2019 | 0 | 1751

HERE Summer School 2019 Poznań is an event that brought together more than 40 students and members…

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Practical UAV Conference: impressions, overview
04/10/2019 | 1 | 1927

On the 5th of September, 2019, the Practical UAV conference was held in Kyiv. It was organized…

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NP@Mapillary-2019 — geotagged photo contest of nature conservation areas in Ukraine
07/08/2019 | 0 | 2052

If you are following the conservation of protected areas, love to travel around interesting places of Ukraine,…

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Testing medium-cost UAVs for cartographic and topographic mapping
30/07/2019 | 0 | 2333

As UAV technology is rapidly developing, the question of the economic feasibility of using certain UAVs for…

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GIS Tech 2019 conference: main trends
12/06/2019 | 0 | 2002

On May 16, the 9th GISTECH UA conference took place. This event places itself as an international business forum…

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IDB: a remote sensing indices database
03/06/2019 | 0 | 4316

One of the most important discoveries in the field of earth observation is the discovery of spectral…

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Using Open Camera for geotagging photos
20/05/2019 | 0 | 5053

In a collaboration between our blogs, we are posting the translated version of Anton Biatov’s post from

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Post processing classified images in ENVI
02/05/2019 | 0 | 5098

When we perform image classification, we try to get the best possible result. Despite this, often the…