Classification accuracy assessment. Confusion matrix method

Applying any classification algorithm to interpret a remotely sensed image we are always interested in the result accuracy. The simplest way to assess…

GIS and the city
A story of one soil map. Modern soil mapping in Ukraine
Why I only say I love QGIS, or Open GIS in Ukrainian education
Open geo data sources
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Supervised image classification using parallelepiped algorithm
18/04/2017 | 0 | 105

The previous post was dedicated to picking the right supervised classification method. And this time we will…

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About OpenStreetMap with Andrey Golovin
04/04/2017 | 0 | 452

Why take part in OpenStreenMap project? Andrey Golovin, one of the famous Ukrainian osmers, was trying to help us…

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Geodigest. 3/2017
27/03/2017 | 0 | 277

Read our periodic collection of news and interesting facts from the world of Geo.

Also feel…

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Building DEM in ArcGIS with contour data
21/03/2017 | 0 | 428

Building a DTM in ArcMap and parameters used

Let’s discuss building a DEM from digitized elevation contours of the topographic…

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GIS-Forum 2017. Margin notes
14/03/2017 | 0 | 521

Geography Department of Kharkiv National University recently held GIS-Forum, perhaps the most important and the most anticipated annual event…

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Geodigest. 2/2017
06/02/2017 | 0 | 360

Read our periodic collection of news and interesting facts from the world of Geo.

Also feel…

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Ukrainian NSDI: Inspiration from INSPIRE
30/01/2017 | 0 | 511

I am pleased that the post about cadastral map of Ukraine caused a lively interest…

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Geodigest. 1/2017
23/01/2017 | 0 | 322

Starting a new year of digests. Read our periodic collection of news and interesting facts from…

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Andrey Golovin and his path to becoming a “Legendary Mapper”
18/01/2017 | 0 | 1146

Last year I had an opportunity to talk with Andrey Golovin. He is a dedicated osmer who…

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How to pick the best supervised classification method?
13/01/2017 | 3 | 533

Image classification is a means of satellite imagery decryption, that is, identification and delineation of any objects…