Tips for getting started with drones

The use of UAVs is spread in many areas of activity (we’ve talked about it in a previous post)….

Andrey Golovin and his path to becoming a “Legendary Mapper”
12 movies about the Earth
A story of one soil map. Modern soil mapping in Ukraine
How to pick the best supervised classification method?
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Mapillary’s Complete The Map Competition
21/08/2018 | 0 | 24

When we want to take a look at new place but we have no opportunity to visit it –…

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Reference data for assessing classification accuracy of a satellite image
08/06/2018 | 1 | 258

Earlier we have written about assessing classification accuracy. The post dealt with creating

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Remote Sensing vs. “Amber Mafia” in Ukraine
01/06/2018 | 0 | 2429

Ukraine is rich in natural resources. However, such richness often bears to the nation not the prosperity…

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How are point objects distributed in space? Finding an answer with spatial statistics, Clark-Evans test
20/03/2018 | 2 | 472

This post begins a series of posts on the spatial statistics techniques. Spatial statistics is a cross-disciplinary field…

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Using the LiDAR system in nature protection in some national parks of the world
23/02/2018 | 4 | 932

Laser scanning systems have long been used successfully for mapping and monitoring of the environment.

The range of application of…

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Modern approaches in beaver studies
31/01/2018 | 0 | 1012

Under conditions of climate change, degradation of transformed aquatic ecosystems and reduction of biodiversity many international scientists focus their…

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Student projects contest “GIS-Specialist”
17/01/2018 | 0 | 800

GIS-Forum 2018 organizers invite students of higher education institutions to take part in the first stage of…

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Our top posts in 2017
29/12/2017 | 0 | 634

To sum up this passing year we have created a list of seven most popular posts in 2017. Have…

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Rule images. Part II: Сlassification from rule images
27/12/2017 | 0 | 498

While performing supervised classification it is possible to obtain, in addition to the classified map, the rule images of…

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Planet Labs: creating a line scanner for the Earth
19/12/2017 | 0 | 920

Planet Labs is a startup created by former NASA employees. Planet is designing and manufacturing miniature remote sensing satellites…