Ukrainian GIS market: Michael Puzrakov, Intellias co-founder and COO, talks about the company’s history

Intellias is one of the few employers in Ukraine that offer positions in the area of geospatial technologies. The company is…

Andrey Golovin and his path to becoming a “Legendary Mapper”
Tips for getting started with drones
A story of one soil map. Modern soil mapping in Ukraine
How to pick the best supervised classification method?
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GIS Tech 2019 conference: main trends
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On May 16, the 9th GISTECH UA conference took place. This event places itself as an international business forum…

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IDB: a remote sensing indices database
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One of the most important discoveries in the field of earth observation is the discovery of spectral…

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Using Open Camera for geotagging photos
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In a collaboration between our blogs, we are posting the translated version of Anton Biatov’s post from

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Post processing classified images in ENVI
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When we perform image classification, we try to get the best possible result. Despite this, often the…

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First impressions from migrating to ArcGIS Pro
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One of the non-obvious but characteristic features of the GIS industry is that it is somewhat conservative….

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How to make a map from an image using your smartphone
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As a collaboration between our blogs we are posting the translated version of Anton Biatov’s post from

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Automated change detection from satellite images: comparing thematic classification maps
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This post is already the third one from a series of methods for automated change detection. Both…

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What do you know about geospatial intelligence?
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“Those who own information own the world”. This phrase is attributed to various people – Nathan Rothschild…

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Introduction to geocoding
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Any geographic object (or location) has a description. Such a description can be presented differently for different…

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Automated change detection from satellite images: scatter plot method
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The analysis of the multidimensional spectral feature space is a very useful tool for…