What do you know about the growth of GIS industry in Ukraine? Have you ever heard about the latest geoinformation products or some successful startups from our country or core research activities? Have you ever considered that working with Ukrainian and East European specialists could be profitable for development of your own business?

Our goal is simple but big. We are trying to collect all available data about Ukrainian GIS industry development, get involved with the best GIS and geo professionals. And we are sharing this information with the whole world.

We believe that it is not long before some changes in Ukraine are made. We really hope that as professionals we can make change in the GIS-related domain and our GIS community can integrate to the international one.

That’s why this blog was created. Please use it to find actual and up-to-date information, form new personal and business connections. Think of Ukraine as the country of great capabilities and potential (including GIS technologies development). Join us!