Geodigest. 09/2018


Periodic collection of news and interesting facts from the world of Geo.



31st of October – Earth Imagery at Work MOOC starts

5th of November – Maps and the Geospatial Revolution starts


How it works

Styling Mapbox Terrain RGB

Creating Shaded Relief in Blender

Model Input Variable Explorer for #VisualizeNoMalaria

Introduction to Geoprocessing Tools in QGIS

Visualizing street orientations on an interactive map

Burned area mapping with Sentinel-2 webinar

PostGIS Spatial Tricks

Mapping for Journalists



Google launches Dataset Search (more here)

2018 Commercial Drone Industry Trends

How navigation apps and mapping companies tracked road closures and evacuations during Hurricane Florence

What it feels like to see Earth from space

How we did it: Integrating ArcGIS and deep learning at UC 2018

Visualizing the disappearing rivers of the American West

A new way to automatically build roadmaps from aerial images

80 Data Visualization Examples Using Location Data and Maps

LiDAR for Drones: Direct Georeferencing vs Traditional Aerial Triangulation Systems

The true size of

Spatial Thinking Is Fundamental

Our Living Planet From Space




London atmospheric emissions inventory 3D map

UK faremap of public transit

The Threatened Balkan Rivers – The Hydropower Gold Rush map

URBICA’s Agglomerations maps

Subway style US state highway maps

The share of 25-29-year-olds that still live with their parents in Europe

GDP growth map

Map of European Countries With a Population Smaller Than London Metro

The Air Quality Life Index

World Happiness

An interactive map tracks the places where Nobel physics laureates lived and worked



How Manhattan’s working population moves from home to work over 24 hours