Geodigest. 2/2016


Have a look at our digest reviewing news and interesting facts, a periodic selection of all things geo. Feel free to add your news links in the comments below!



May 11th: Going Places with Spatial Analysis MOOC is staring.

May 11th – 13th: GIS Naroch 2016 seminar will take place.

May 31st: ESRI conference image showcase submissions deadline.

May 31st: a scholarship for State of the Map in Brussels deadline.

June 3rd – 5th: “GIS and Protected Areas” seminar will take place in Volodymyrivka, Kharkiv oblast.

October 14th – 15th (still a while:)): Drone Berlin 2016 exhibition.



ArcGIS Earth is released.

Leaflet 1.0-rc1 is released.

Boundless Exchange, a GIS content management platform powered, became available.

Mapbox presents API Playground, a place where you can try out the company’s APIs interactively.

An open algorithm for Dijkstra cartography is available.

A new free Maps API from DigitalGlobe, that gives access to their imagery layers.


Canadian municipalities have unlocked their data.

England and Wales have released their high quality terrain data; and ESRI have used these data and made high-resolution collection available in Esri World Elevation services.



Maptime Pizza Donation from CartoDB Continues Another Year.

Interactive map styling in QGIS.

QGIS at the Financial Times Graphics Team, an interview.

Programming basics for geographers.

Issue № 8 (2016) of Ukrainian Journal of Remote Sensing.

Learning QGIS book discount.

New York City Bike Share System rebalancing.



Slave trade in 2 minutes.

How far could you travel a 100 years ago. 1914 map.

Connectivity Atlas – world infrastructure map.

Or a map of underwater cables, that connect the Internet.

Topographic map of Mars.

Trip glimpse – a platform where you can explore places through curated videos.


15 minutes of procrastination

Crowdsourced penguin count.

Fun with flags, nearly as fun as with Sheldon Cooper..

Woodkid – Land of All (Official Lyric Video) from LABELGUM on Vimeo.