Geodigest. 3/2017


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Various things

Esri’s Open Vision

How Mapbox hires

Drones vs. birds of prey

Paving a path to Smart Communities

A travel service for following your DNA origins

Mapzen have created a bike overlay map and want us to take a poll on bike infrastructure around the globe.

The use of colour in maps

The border wall and one of the most imperiled wild regions in North America

Climate migrants

A beautiful instagram with works by Aydın Büyüktaş

ALOS and SRTM DEM data comparison

The growth of the autonomous car market

Guess the city from the river

Enter any geographic location anywhere on Earth and watch the terrain form into a physical model

Microsoft puts 9.8M building footprints out as open data for Openstreetmap



A few words about QGIS 3.0

NASA released free software and here’s some you should try

Esri’s new Landsat Explorer web app

AppStudio for ArcGIS version 1.4

Tangram Play – an interactive text editor for creating maps using Mapzen’s Tangram

Georeferencer v4 is an online tool for processing of scanned old maps

Semi-automatic classification plugin for QGIS 3

New map coloring algorithms in QGIS 3.0

Orfeo ToolBox 5.10



Choose the right chart type for your data

Getting started with hosted feature layer views

Mapbox Studio Manual

A review of how to plot baseball data on a map, or beer vs. wine

Gradient arrows in QGIS



Interactive map of Belarusian history

OSM then and now

PBDB: explore the Paleobiology Database through space, time, and taxonomy

Educational attainment in the US and a few words about the map

Where each country should be based on its time zone(s)

A set of Berlin historical maps

Literature map of the world, from Reddit user Backforward24

And a literature map of London

118 bird species migrate across a map of the western hemisphere