Geodigest. 6/2017



QGIS user conference, Hackfest, Developer meeting. August 2 -11. Registration is open.

Maps and the Geospatial Revolution course is starting on  the 14th of August.

Online ESRI cartography course November 1st – December 12

OSM Geography Awareness Week November 12-18.

A list of State of the Map conferences across the globe.



ArcGIS Pro 2.0 has been released.

What’s new in ArcGIS Pro 2.0: a video tour.

Refill themes by Mapzen.

Memery is a new app that uploads, organizes, and maps videos.

ArcGIS Hub – Esri’s new product. More details here.

AppStudio for ArcGIS version 2.0 is available.

What’s new in Insights for ArcGIS 2.0.

OpenMapTiles are now multilingual.

Native TMS rendering support is live with new QMS 0.18.7 for QGIS 2.18.8+.

OpenGlobus is a JavaScript library designed to display interactive 3D maps and planets.

What’s new with Survey123 for ArcGIS 2.2.

Leaflet 1.1.0

BETA version of WorldBloxers.

Hall Monitor is a passive monitoring tool for OSM.

New search tool for Digitalglobe.

New QGIS-PlugIn for OSM-Routing and Accessibility Analysis.

OSMCha – Validation tool for OSM.

Mapzen Map Matching, the latest addition to the Mapzen Mobility services.

MapOSMatic web service for generating maps of cities using OSM data.

Choose styles for your map.

Tangram: Open-Source OpenGL Maps.

Test of new JOSM version.


Various things

Sentinel animation showing development of the largest iceberg.

Color your map with an image.

Detecting vandalism in OpenStreetMap – a case study.

Designing maps for mobile devices.

OTB User Days 2017 conference recaps.

Display and analyze GIS data on the web with Leaflet.js course with up to 75% off.

Planet offers Open Ocean Monitoring.

BioCarbon Engineering, a reforestation company, concept of operations.

Global land cover and land use reference data derived from a crowdsourcing platform.

Microsoft recently released 9.8 million building footprint data in 3D to the OpenStreetMap community.

New street-level analysis of the biking networks in U.S.

OSMLR – Technical preview.

White spot that weighs 15Mb.

Pictures of maps from QGIS.

Drones That Drive

6 winners of Pix4D and Parrot a climate innovation grant.

BioCarbon Engineering Concept of Operations.

Local government transparency in 3D.

10 ideas that unite GIS and web-technologies.

GIS in Belarus” meetup.

CityClass project – insights and plans.

OpenStreetMap Public Data Set Now Available on AWS.

80 Beautiful Data Visualizations Using Location Data and Maps.

Parking reports in Stuttgart and Berlin.

Sneak peek at heatmaps in Mapbox GL.

Where urbanization is most likely to conflict with biodiversity.

Sentinel-1 SAR data – beta release.

Government and citizens collaborate to map Canada.

Open Space Routing and the Places POI search API.

Bikedata – website with lots of data for cycle campaigners.

Case Study of OSM for Routing of People with Limited Mobility.

48 doves to launch on a soyuz rocket.

North Star – latest designer style, ready to be used in your app or customized in Studio.

Forget flying cars, the future is driving drones.

The involvement of Kiev citizens in the development of parks, public gardens, sports grounds and playgrounds.

The best drone photos of the year.

6 design principles for making maps on the web.

Top Universities for Master’s in Geo-informatics/GIS.

Manhattan Skyscraper Explorer.

Using latent semantic analysis to identify research trends in OSM.

Create your unique art with satellite images.

Virtual tour from Google within the “Authentic Ukraine” campaign.

History of PlanetLabs and it’s place in space revolution.

A pentagon-shaped village.

Kickstarting Balloon Mapping Kits.



Working with multiple accounts in ArcGIS Online.

Using interactive features with Spatial Analyst tools.

Creating illustration-like maps in ArcGIS Pro: pt 1, pt 2, pt 3.

Wikidata and OpenStreetMap data can be joined in a single database.

Mapping coasts and the tidal zone.

A dive into spatial search algorithms.

Bypass sheets in QGIS.

Quick OSM geodata extraction with QGIS and OSMInfo.



Interactive Pangaea map with modern international borders.

How kids see their place in the world.

PlacesForBikes – Bike Network Analysis.

Waymarked Trails: Hiking.


Roman roads

Atlas of Forest Landscape Restoration Opportunities.

Map of all satellites in orbit.

Online map of submarine cables.

Country, region and city boundary data from OpenStreetMap.

Comparing bakery density in London and Paris.

Ancient Human DNA.

Lightning and Thunderstorms in Real Time.

National anthem map.

Map of OSM nodes.

African swine fever.

How much plastic is floating in our oceans?

Map of sharp turns onto ramps in OSM.

Concentration of population maps.

These maps will change how you see the world.

A map of all the drone no-fly zones in America.

Standard – a retro inspired map.

Worldwide public transport facilities on a uniform map.

Mapcat – new world map portal.

Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices.

World heritage list from UNESCO.

Map of historical places.


Photo by NASA