Pavel Ukrainski

author_189Junior researcher at Regional federal centre of aerospace and ground monitoring of objects and natural resources at National Research University BelGU.

Scientific work related to using remote sensing and GIS to study forest-steppe landscapes.

My publications:
  1. IDB: a remote sensing indices database
  2. Post processing classified images in ENVI
  3. Automated change detection from satellite images: comparing thematic classification maps
  4. Automated change detection from satellite images: scatter plot method
  5. Clark-Evans test in R
  6. Automatic change detection in multitemporal remote sensing images using mathematical operations
  7. Incremental spatial autocorrelation in ArcGIS
  8. How are objects’ quantitative characteristics spatially distributed? Finding an answer with Global Moran’s I
  9. Reference data for assessing classification accuracy of a satellite image
  10. How are point objects distributed in space? Finding an answer with spatial statistics, Clark-Evans test
  11. Rule images. Part II: Сlassification from rule images
  12. Rule images. Part I: Generate, visualize and view quantitative values
  13. Supervised image classification using minimum distance algorithm
  14. Supervised image classification using parallelepiped algorithm
  15. How to pick the best supervised classification method?
  16. Classification accuracy assessment. Confusion matrix method
  17. Multidimensional spectral feature space and working with it in ENVI
  18. Supervised classification help: ROI separability