Invitation to Navimotive Conference

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In about two weeks, Navimotive Conference, the first event in Eastern Europe devoted entirely to the development of software for navigation and geolocation services in the automotive sector, will be held in Kyiv. Navimotive will be held for the fourth time, but with this name for the first time. You have to remember the Map Solutions conference, which was held for 3 years, and hosted speakers from HERE,, AirMap, Volkswagen,

CartoDB, OsmAnd, Mapbox, FamilyInSafe, QROK and GISFile. With the increased interest of the audience in the development of navigation services for the automotive industry, the organizers changed the name and expanded the program.

Among the speakers of this year are representatives from UDACITY, MAPS.ME, CloudMade, GreenMobility, CityZen.

Conference participants will learn about:

– how the navigation simulator works;

– how to use OpenStreetMap data for navigation;

– how Udacity is creating an autonomous car;

– about the possible future of electric cars in cities;

– what is SLAM and how to use it in automotive;

– how the use of electric cars in cities can provide more environmentally friendly transport;

– how the indoor-navigation application works in medical institutions;

– about GIS-solutions for various tasks;

– how to create a navigation application that respects your privacy.

The conference will be of interest to developers, business analysts, technical project managers, delivers directors, service stations, working with the development of navigation services.

The event is organized by Intellias, a Ukrainian IT company. Intellias was founded in 2002 and has development offices in Lviv, Kiev and Odessa. In 2017, the company was recognized as the best IT employer among IT companies in the category “800+ specialists” in Ukraine according to
The event will be held on September, 15th in Kyiv at the address Vasyl Lipkivsky, 1A, RK “Ultramarine”, 3rd floor, “OASIS”.

More details and tickets available on the website.