Google Timelapse takes us through space-time


Like many others, we are fascinated by Google Timelapse. And decided to write a few words about this service and give a small digest of links reviewing it.

On the 29th of November Google have announced the update to their Timelapse feature. Now everyone can travel in space-time, going back in time 32 years, up to 1984. All this is thanks to Landsat, the longest running program of Earth observations, from NASA and the young and ambitious Copernicus program of ESA.

Looking at the rhythmic motion of our planet is very meditative!


But Timelapse is not only a means of procrastination, but also a chance to step back and look at the bigger picture. As the world changes, what role do we humans play in these changes?

We build cities


Change landscapes


Change land use


On this map you can see the changes of anywhere on the planet:


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