Geodigest. 9/2016


Have a look at our digest reviewing news and interesting facts, a periodic selection of all things geo. Feel free to add your news links in the comments below!



19th of December – voting ends for proposed OSM features for mapping bird nests.

22th of December – SpaceNet Challenge winners will be announced.



Europe’s own Galileo satellite navigation system has begun operating.

QGIS 3.0 is announced for 2017 and a crowdfunding campaign is launched.

WorldView-4 satellite launched successfully.

“UN open GIS” logo contest announces the winner.



Survey123 for ArcGIS 1.9 is now available.

Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v. 5.2.0 is out.

Open Data Site Builder final version is available.

Navigator for ArcGIS for Android is released.

Boundless Desktop open product became available.

iD v2 for OpenStreetMap from MapBox is announced.

ArcGIS Maps from Esri for Power BI is annouced.

ArcGIS Runtime 100.0 is available.

More on TRON2.0, how it’s made.

Visualizing Cities is an open platform for urban visualization projects

HERE rlaunced Forward Gecoders for AWS.

A new algorithm in Pix4Dmapper for DTM export.


Various things

A transport map review, bus routes across Europe.

Drones: new EU rules to ensure safety and privacy

Boundless СЕО, Andy Dearing, is reflecting on the future of GIS and open source.

Insightful human portraits made from data, a TED talk.

About terrain generalization.

American football players recruitment visualized.

50 years of electoral college maps in the US.

Brexit  —  a story in maps.

How the cartographers create the illusion of depth on maps.

More than 71 000 historic maps available for download.

Apple patents augmented reality mapping system for iPhone

Google announced that it’s shutting down Maps Maker service in March 2017.

Download the pre-generated data with over 21 million place names in OSM.

Map poetry, a talk.

Map design and Photoshop.

Remote sensing data available on Amazon Web Services.

Aerial imagery from World War I in one book

Tilegrams creates tiled maps where region sizes are based on the datasets.

New to the flosm thematic maps.

Mapping bicycle racks in Amsterdam.



Radio Garden lets you listen to radios across the globe.

New York City street tree map is too amazing to be true!

Distances you can travel on a European train in less than a day.

International travel risk map.

Cute mini metro maps.

15 fast food chains in America mapped.

A visualisation based on data from the ESA’s Hipparcos star mapper.

Power grid map.

Mapping the Decline of ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ in NYC.

Map of modern London inspired by John Rocque.


Check out this TED talk: