Geodigest. 8/2017



November 1, 2017 – December 12, 2017, The Location Advantage by ESRI (Registration closes November 15)

November 15, 2017 – GIS Day 2019 (Registration closes November 13)

February 21 – February 23, 2018 – GIS Forum


Various things

Stae – tools that help the local government collect, manage and process data about their infrastructure.

Edmonton’s tax assessment data map

Analysis of parking spaces in urban areas

Social universe of the Berlin-based public transportation routes

Maps burned on tiny sticks

Average OpenStreetMap activities per hour

Relation: international waterway E40

What New York Subway Stations Actually Look Like

NASA: monthly temperature analysis – July

Green Dnieper

Augmented-reality maps

The world in 1 Billion Years

Esri satellite imagery for the OSM community

16 most weird moments on the Google Street View

Instagram: architect and map creator – Fedir Gontsa

Ukraine: Geoanalysis, urban development and new buildings

High-res satellites want to track human activity from space

Research on city noise

How personalized content and marketing campaigns work – using API Mapbox

FOSS4G Boston 2017 – Presentation Slides & Video

Vignette resources for your maps

Open spatial planning

Movement of abiturients between the areas of Ukraine

Accidental forests and living trees

Open community for UAV users

Understanding The Science of Where

Daily Overview – Earth from above

Surveyor’s Guide to Drones

Relative Accuracy Test: AeroPoints vs. Total Station

A new kind of map: it’s about time

Cloud-based analytic services

Swiss glaciers will melt in 160 years

Artificial intelligence and neural networks in cartography. Artificial intelligence and neural networks in cartography part 2

Find, compare and share the latest OECD data

8 Companies that Brilliantly Turn Satellite Imagery into Intelligence

Governmental subventions, Ukraine

History: Natural and climatic prerequisites for settling the territory of the Ukraine

Secret Soviet Posters Demystify Map Symbols

Mapbox: a neural network-based map SDK team now in Minsk

New national standards, aligned with international standards

Presentation of the new Cadastre operating on Blockchain technology

Open earth data on AWS



Mltools – a collection of Machine Learning Tools for object detection and classification on DG imagery.

Queries for the Overpass-turbo

Awesome-maps Ukraine

Explore Climate Trends with the Water Balance App

What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

What is New in Survey123 for ArcGIS v 2.4

What’s New in ArcGIS Online

GeoServer 2.12.0 Released

LandViewer – powerful satellite data processing and analytics platforms

OSM Editor – Strava

QGIS 3 new features

PostGIS 2.4.0 Released

OpenStreet Browser

Validating OpenStreetMap

OSM Software Watchlist

OSM Restriction Validator

PlanetScope and RapidEye Scenes image management script

Paper style maps in Unity

Data vis tool for comparing property assessments

Surface Reflectance Beta



Mapping Urban Data

Basic assessment of transport accessibility using GRASS GIS and QGIS

Fundamental Geospatial Datasets and UN GGIM Committee of Experts Recent Meeting

How to Make this Crazy Map

Open tools for AIS tracks from

ArcGIS Pro Tips: Group Templates, Galleries, & Grids Make Editing a Snap

Getting started with ArcGIS Pro

Donut Polygons in QGIS, ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro and geoJSON

Building a Weighted Graph based on OpenStreetMap Data for Routing Algorithms for Blind Pedestrians

Pix4Dmapper fundamentals

The Guide to Map Design – Mapbox

Guide to map design

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing



Land Cover Map of France

Real-time traffic, accidents, traffic cameras, air quality and weather in New York City

Canada: distribution of native speakers 2016

Historical map of Rome

World Electrical Plug & Socket Map

The next 10 total solar eclipses around the world

How Earth will look like in 250 million years

Cities in the fall. Light and Dark Edition – Kharkiv dark

Kyiv Transit Night Map

Unmapped Places of OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap live edits

Latest OSM Changeset Discussions

The 2017 Fall Foliage Map

California Wildfire Maps

Worldview from NASA of recent natural events

Hurricane Irma’s Destruction, Building by Building

OSM Boundaries Map 4.2

Who did it – Latest changes to the OSM

Wheelchair metro maps versus everyone else’s

Location of Banks, ATMs, etc.

Data flow in the Tor Network

Google Maps Adds Imagery of Planets and Moons

Manhattan live traffic in Unity

The Global Heatmap, Now 6x Hotter

Open geodata of Bila Tserkva


Wildfire in Europe: