Geodigest. 7/2016


Have a look at our digest reviewing news and interesting facts, a periodic selection of all things geo. Feel free to add your news links in the comments below!



October 14th-15th – Age of Drones, international exhibition and conference.

November 11th – competition closes. Global Content Challenge from ESRI is open to undergraduate or graduate students at colleges or universities.



Adding and using photos and images in ArcGIS Online.

OAuth2 authorisation plugin for QGIS server.

QGIS 2.16 tutorial: georeferencing images.

Cities Unlocked, an AR navigation system for visually impaired users by Microsoft with OpenStreetMap, ElasticSearch and Mapzen, how it was made.

Survey123 for ArcGIS 1.7 is available.

Using threads in QGIS python plugins.

LATAS – the airspace safety app that will tell you where and when to fly the drone.

Announcing the Mapbox Studio dataset editor.

What’s new in ArcGIS Online.

What’s new in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

Tangram Heightmapper, a viewer to browse the terrain tiles and create heightmaps (read more here).

Semi-Automatic OS v.5 released.



Sentinel Playground, a web application for browsing, analysis and evaluation of Sentinel-2 imagery, is released.

About mapping Alaska.

New ebook on GIS and environmental mapping.

Advancing STEM Education with GIS book.

A post on using NAIP imagery and a texture raster to model urban forest.

OSM History Viewer.



The globe of bird migration.

10 maps of fictional worlds.

Map of airport WIFI networks (and passwords) around the world.

Visualizing OSM Map Views.

About a map visualizing OSM Views.

Global ambient air pollution.