Geodigest. 6/2016


Have a look at our digest reviewing news and interesting facts, a periodic selection of all things geo. Feel free to add your news links in the comments below!



September 7th – a brand new, online 6 week free MOOC on Imagery starts.

September 7 to October 18 – Location Advantage MOOC will run.

September 15th – closing date for applications to QGIS grant programme.

October 27-29 – Geospace 2016, II international scientific and technical conference, will take place in Kyiv.



GeoServer 2.10-M0 released.

GeoTools 15.1 released.

3DR Solo metadata integrated into Esri FMV.

Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin v.5 will be available in September. And its review.

Drone2Map 1.0.1 is now available for download.

Announcing the Mapbox Studio dataset editor.

Collector for ArcGIS 10.4.0 (Windows 10) released.

A new algorithm for finding a visual center of a polygon.


Mapillary Partnering With HERE: Community Mapping Pilot.

OSM contributions stats updated with new activity calendar.

A blog post on how to effectively get things changed in QGIS by Nyall Dawson and a follow up.

Australia is shifting its geographic coordinates by 1.5m as the continent constantly moves.

How Rio changed for the Olympics shown using satellite imagery.

The history of the Telemark Canal – projected on a physical landscape model.

Street View Mapping for Tanzania’s Largest City.

Results of the QGIS user survey 2015.

Uber’s self-driving taxis get their first real-world test in Pittsburgh – the Verge, Wired.

A free Mapbox GL basemap from OpenStreetMap with complete liberty to use and self host.

Global Stamen terrain maps.

The ArcGIS Imagery Book – a new ESRI remote sensing book.

Mapping missing buildings in OSM with the help of RS imagery.



Facebook’s Live map displays people and pages sharing to a public audience. (Uses OSM data)

London’s Tube Heartbeat visualised be HERE.

Mapping of bike-sharing data in different cities.

Surveillance under Surveillance shows you cameras and guards watching you.

4 maps about migration in Europe.

Travel around the world, one book at a time, via a list curated by Ann Morgan.

OSM activity.

One year of commercial ship movement (interactive map and video).