Geodigest. 1/2016


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Events, calls, competitions

International conference “ESRI GIS in Ukraine” will take place in Kyiv on the 23rd-27th of May, 2016.

Call for proposals for 2016 Science for Nature and People Partnership. Deadline: 25th of April.

ESRI Storytelling with maps contest.

Consultant selection for GIS training implementation. Deadline: 22nd of April.



NASA make ASTER Earth Data available at no cost. Although we haven’t figured out how to access them yet.

How satellites are being used to expose human rights abuses

‘GIS and protected areas’ practices toolkit is available.

Flightradar24 have added 3D visualizations to their flight tracking that uses Mapbox imagery and terrain.

A joint twitter account for frontend developers with a new author each week – Vladimir Agafonkin.

A conversation with Vladimir Agafonkin at JavaScript podcast.

Final GIS-Forum summaries.



Windyty – a web app for weather tracking.

Flyover Country – an app that lets you discover the world below your plane.



An interactive map of the US foreign assistance.

New York music map.

A cartographic colouring book, finally!

Beyond the sea – a map that shows you what is exactly across the ocean from you.

An interactive map of train journeys in Ukraine by


More about the video here.