Geodigest. 1/2017


Starting a new year of digests. Read our periodic collection of news and interesting facts from the world of Geo.

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31st of January 2017 – SCGIS 2017 scholarship program deadline.

1st of February 2017 – application deadline for Parrot Climate Innovation Grant Application.

7th of February – application deadline to enter IYGU Story Maps Competition for students.



Boundless presents QGIS Lessons plugin that teaches you to perform common tasks within QGIS.

GeoJSON utilities that will make your life easier.

ArcGIS Python API is released.

MapTiler 7.2 is released.

GeoServer 2.10.1 released.

QuickMapServices – from plugin to service for everyone.

What’s new in Survey123 for ArcGIS 1.10.

Boundless Suite 4.9 released.

Collector for ArcGIS 10.4.1 (Android Platform) released.

ArcGIS Pro 1.4 is available.



Adding a “fake plastic map” effect to your map.

A beginners guide to programming in ArcGIS with Python.

ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool.

New Raster Calculator algorithm that should replace all other calculators available (GDAL, GRASS; SAGA, etc).

Flow map arrows in QGIS.

Learn how to code your first web map with LeafletJS.



QGIS has a new logo.

Top geospatial industry trends to watch out for in 2017.

2016 in 16 visualizations from the Washington Post.

Mapping three decades of global water change.

Nokia will create a drone traffic management system for Dubai.

The Mapillary community shares innovations for photo mapping.

Interview with Tyler Radford from Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

Winners of Esri’s New Global Content Challenge.

Mapzen is joining Open Traffic, a global initiative led by the World Bank to measure urban traffic congestion.

How are drones being used in the classroom?

Geospatial cloud solutions: Software-as-a-Service compared to Roll-your-own.

Uber map design.

Legal issues when using ArcGIS Online image layers discussed.

MapContrib, a free service that helps create cartographic themes.

“Earth” collectible coin is out in Latvia.

High quality digital map prints on Etsy.

Maps that show us who we are (not just where we are), TEDx talk.

University of Kentucky offers online courses on web mapping.

Udemy’s The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial is 70% off.



Nonstop Metropolis tells stories of New York City through twenty-six maps.

The Atlas of Design is dedicated to some of the world’s best cartographic design, also featured in National Geographic.

Where the Animal Go takes you to the forefront of animal-tracking revolution, again featured in National Geographic.


15 minutes to procrastinate

Land Lines is a game from Google that converts your random scribble into an actual geometric pattern visible from space.

Help learn about Mars’ past by investigating remote sensing imagery for Planet Four: Ridges project.



Best maps of 2016 according to National Geographic.

The shadows of New York City.

The Refugee Project map allows viewers to explore all refugee migrations around the world since 1975.

Ukraine Great Famine 1932-1934 by Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and description.

CIA shares secret maps on their flickr.

OSM Landuse Landcover, a WebGIS application to explore the OpenStreetMap database in terms of landuse and landcover information.

Global earthquake animation.

Cities of the World musical map from Spotify.

Map of discoveries made in 2016.

Gastronomical Map of France from 1809.

Map of light at night.

January in European languages.



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