Ganna Novgorodova

Blogger and editor at 50 North. GIS-specialist at Intetics Inc. with training in GIS and remote sensing.
Interested in remote sensing applications, web-mapping, open source.



My publications:
  1. Planet Explorer
  2. Planet Labs: creating a line scanner for the Earth
  3. Free online GIS courses and more, 2017 edition
  4. About OpenStreetMap with Andrey Golovin
  5. Andrey Golovin and his path to becoming a “Legendary Mapper”
  6. 12 movies about the Earth
  7. Google Timelapse takes us through space-time
  8. Sentinel missions in a nutshell. Useful links
  9. Modern Indiana Jones and ways of ‘space’ archeology
  10. What do Earth’s surface temperature and emittance tell us?
  11. ACTS: mapping to stop corruption
  12. Concerning the atmosphere. Remote sensing basics
  13. Christmas songs mapped 🎄
  14. Mapping building age
  15. 12 gifts for map lovers
  16. Missions to Mars
  17. Open geo data sources
  18. Concerning the light. Remote sensing basics