Year 1 — done ✔️

50 North anniversary

Today marks a year in the life of our blog. On the 1st of December 2015, we officially began writing for you :)

First of all we want to thank our readers. You are the best! Without you the existence of this blog would be impossible. We find it very important that our content is useful, interesting and informative for you. That is why we are very happy every time we get a new view, like or a comment. Continue to share your impressions of the blog, because we believe that improvement has no limits.

Special thanks to our team: the authors, editors and tech support! It is thanks to the synergy effect from the interaction of people with various professions, age, status, gender and so on, that we have succeeded to go along with our plan, and to maintain full operation of the blog throughout the year.

We hope that this year, that brought us extremely valuable experience, many meetings with interesting people, new experiences and knowledge, is only the beginning of a grand story of 50 North.

Now let’s look at how this year went in figures and graphs.


We also propose to look back at a few of our favorite posts:

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Thank you for this year! Stay with us! All the good things are still ahead :)