12 gifts for map lovers


Holidays always seem to come unexpectedly. Have you already prepared your presents? If not, have no fear! We have collected a few suggestions of what to get for a cartographer in Ukraine. Be mindful, if you had enough of mapping at work, this post is not for you…

Surely, you can always go the useful way and get some software, advanced ArcGIS course, MapBox subscription, or, for example, some JS or Python courses. 😉 But you can also go the other way and prepare something simpler.





As they say, there are good present, bad presents, and then there are books. It’s hard to argue with that. Vydavnytstvo Staroрo Leva publishing house always create great books, but “Карти” (Maps) is created specially for map lovers of all ages.

Price: 275 uah




Maybe not cartographically correct, these postcards by Oleksiy Pylov with visions of big cities of Ukraine are still so sweet! No one would refuse a smile to this small gift.

Price: 7 uah


Marauder’s Map


A bit of cartography for Harry Potter fans from InkCraft.

Price: 250 uah


“World map” from Аскет


A notebook always comes in handy. But this one with its craft paper is pretty as well. You can look for it here and here.

Price: 250 uah


Scratch map


Maybe we’ve had enough of these by now, or not? However, this kind of present may be good for a keen traveller. What is a scratch map? It’s a map with a special covering film, and yes, you guessed it, you scratch it off with a coin to mark the places where you’ve been. There is a variety of map designs and producers (here’s one and another one).

Price: 300-600 uah




Ukraine border silver pendant. The girls might want one of these! Our country’s border in a somewhat interesting projection.

Price: 290 uah



Or you can get the surface of the Moon in various forms. Don’t ask me what it has to do with cartography! :)

The website does not include prices.




Decorative panel and frames carved in wood with city planning motifs from OM architecture. Pretty good, imho.

Price: 1300-1700 uah




What can you love more that a map? A globe of course! Here is a selection of globe variations from KARE and other manufacturers.

Prices from 45 uah to several thousands.




Decorative things with cartographic context. From framed maps to tables.

Prices unknown.


Wallpaper :)


As we are talking about decorations, we can as well say a few words about wallpaper. It’s possible to get some cartographic designs (here or here), however, they are seldom aesthetically pleasing.

What we propose is creating your own design and print it on wallpaper!

What exactly to print? Use a MapBox printing service to select any location and scale to be printed. Similarly, you can an ordinary poster this way.


You cal also find a few things abroad

All roads lead to Rome!

A recent hit, the All roads lead to Rome map and similar created by moovel Lab. Here the roads as rivers flow and converge to end up in a single point. You can order these prints on clothes, poster, phone cases… For example, Rome roads, or the map of Europe.

Prices vary depending on the item (starting from $8.9) and also mind the shipping cost.




You can also order a custom made poster of any place in the world. Based on OSM a Swedish company called mapiful are creating laconic Scandinavian designs. (Or you can always create a poster yourself and print it out!)

Free shipping to Ukraine, but mind the total price of $60.


Here’s what we’ve managed to compile for you. Hoping that there are useful things for someone!

Wishing you first of all to give love this holiday season! As the most valuable things are usually not material.